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“Varamedia is mijn geheim” wilde het grootste marktaandeel op Google verwerven in België.
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Bewezen diensten

De uitdaging wanted to acquire the largest market share in Google in Belgium.

Onze aanpak

We took care of SEO Link Building and combined that with a content strategy with Vansprint’s in-house marketers.

Het resultaat

Vansprint rose to page 1 in Google on several important keywords (money keywords) such as “buy an electric bicycle”, where they achieved place 1.

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Due to the increasing popularity of electric bicycles and fat bikes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for traders within this sector to score high in Google. E-bike specialist VanSprint was therefore looking for a marketing agency that could help to increase their visibility on the internet.

Thanks to Varamedia’s SEO expertise, Vansprint rose to number 1 in Google Search for several key keywords. For example, the page “Electric Folding Bicycle” (with a search volume of 2,900 in Belgium and strong competition) rose from 15th to 1st place . Overall organic traffic from Google Search increased a whopping 507.61% over a five-month period!

“Bij Varamedia mag je als bedrijf zelf bepalen waar je de focus wil leggen, die flexibiliteit was voor mij een enorm pluspunt.”

According to business manager Soufiane Achoui, the choice to work with Varamedia was made quickly: “During our search, we actually just googled a few keywords such as ‘ Online marketing agency ‘ and ‘ SEO agency ‘, and that’s how we ended up at Varamedia. Our reasoning was that if a marketing agency scores well on these terms, they know what they are doing . And my reasoning was also correct, because at Varamedia they really know what they are doing.”

Image: the SEO increase of over the last 2 years (source: public data ). Important to know: Varamedia’s SEO assignment ended in October 2022 (after which the curve started to flatten). seo

Image: ’s SEO increase over the last 2 years (source: public data ). Important to know: Varamedia’s SEO assignment ended in October 2022 (after which the curve started to flatten). seo

"There is a big difference between Varamedia and other marketing agencies"

Soufiane: “The first contact with Varamedia also went very well. Jeroen was very direct and also listened carefully to our wishes. That is precisely the big difference between Varamedia and other marketing agencies , which often want to push you in a certain direction. At Varamedia, you as a company can decide for yourself where you want to focus and which expertise you want to use. That flexibility was a huge plus for me.

Before we worked with Varamedia, there was virtually no traffic on our website. Thanks to their expertise in SEO, VanSprint has climbed all the way to #1 in Google Search for some crucial keywords. When you see such a solid result after just a few weeks, you know you’ve made the right decision.

Would I recommend Varamedia to other business managers? Yes and no. Of course I don’t want to help my competitors, Varamedia remains a secret from us. But if I had to recommend a marketing agency to a friend from another sector, it would definitely be Varamedia.”

"Varamedia duwde ons niet in een richting"

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